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Limited Edition Art Prints by Lotus MacDowell

Depicting familiar landscapes, scenes, and stills, Lotus MacDowell's original watercolor paintings and prints evoke an appreciation of the ordinary through captivating studies of light, shadow, and architecture. And it is that sense of everyday enchantment that Lotus brings to life in the limited edition giclee prints and lithograph reproductions of her original works available at ArtworksWV.com. Individually printed on high quality paper and signed by the artist, each of Lotus's giclee art and lithograph prints is unique in its own right. And with painting reproductions ranging from classic still lifes to evocative landscape, architecture, and cafe paintings, her collection of numbered prints is certain to have just the piece of watercolor art for you.

Add charm and character to any space with offset lithographs and giclee watercolor prints by Lotus MacDowell today!

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