Everybody loves football in high school, as well as track, soccer and lacrosse. This print called "BHS-Bridgeport High School Football Field" shows a small segment of the area that so many students devote hours of time. It also shows the stands; what's a game without an audience cheering on their favorite team. This image has a touch of several parts that make high school sports so memorable.
Explaining why she chose this subject, Lotus says that sports play a big role in small towns. It's a gathering place for spectators and friends, a way to keep up with what's going on around town and an opportunity to see kids as they grow up. All sorts of sports are played on this particular field and the entire town pulled together to raise money for the turf, so it holds a special place in the hearts of many people. The place is jam packed every Friday night for football games and has great attendance for other sports as well.

BHS-Bridgeport High School Football Field

  • - Offset Press Print - Open Edition Print - Image Size: 17 x 7 inches - No border