Ahh, the road home. It feels as though you're there with this beautifully rendered downtown scene; Bridgeport, West Virginia to be exact. With the sunlight blazing down on the building, Shadows can make ordinary buildings have a personality all their own, and Lotus has created those details for the viewer; right down to the reflections in the windows.
The image shows us a bend in the road, where several businesses converge: a warm stone building with deep shadows and a tower partially hiding an old red brick structure. They cast shadows across the road as if pointing to the coffee shop and gift store across the street, which are bathed in sunshine. The road curves into the background, where we see a gray, rundown store to finish up the gap between both sides. Bluebird skies with soft clouds make it seem warm and inviting. The entire area is framed in lush green foliage. Get your piece of small town America today!

Main Street - Bridgeport, WV

  • - Giclee' Print on 100% Cotton Rag Paper - Limited Edition Run of 200 - Image Size: 19 1/8 x 8 7/8 inches - Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist on the image - Certificate of Authenticity