Talk about sheer bliss: that's where you'll be after gazing at this gorgeous watercolor painting of a lake in the early morning sunlight. This peaceful landscape was created by Lotus MacDowell, who loves the outdoors and especially the combination of water and woods. With “Oral Lake- Early Morning”, as this limited edition print of a painting is called, let yourself imagine walking around the lake, admiring the deep, lush greens of the water as they reflect the surrounding trees. The sun shines down upon the right side edge of the water, where a cluster of water lilies float and the rest of the area in deep shadows, with only spots of sunlight filtering through. Nature doesn't get any better than that, folks.
According to Lotus, the lake was originally built to provide water for the railroad steam engines. Now it is a fishing club: serene, tranquil, and the best kind of place to get back to Nature. Not modernized since the 1920's and surrounded by wildlife, it is heaven on earth for children and adults alike.

Oral Lake - Early Morning

  • - Offset Press Print - Limited Edition Run of 500 - Image Size: 27 3/8 x 19 5/8 inches - Hand Signed and Numbered by the artist on the image - Certificate of Authenticity