Vintage signs … think contemporary with a twist of cool nostalgia. This limited edition of an original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell showcases a neon sign in pale washed out yellow with blue stripes and faded green lettering. Very Art deco in design, Lotus has cropped the sign and taken the viewpoint from underneath, looking up as it stands against a rich blue sky, giving it a contemporary format but still portraying the essence of the signage. You can almost imagine this sign all lit up for some evening extravaganza. 
Lotus has titled this painting “Robinson Grand” and is located in Clarksburg, WV. Apparently it was one of the first theaters in the United States to have sound and had a long history of great concerts and performers. There are even old theatre tickets available, which Lotus displays with the print. (Sold separately) 

Robinson Grand

  • - Offset Press Print - Limited Edition Run of 400 - Image Size: 12 1/2 x 9 inches - Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist on the image - Certificate of Authenticity - Original Theater tickets available- Sold Separately for $10.00