Have you ever wanted to escape to some place exotic? Well, now is your opportunity to do so with this magnificent full color watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell. Gaze upon this serene courtyard setting, containing meticulously trimmed bonsai trees of all shapes and sizes and a mysterious path that winds through the middle to lead you back toward the buildings that encompass this secret area. Picture yourself seated in this quiet place, becoming totally absorbed with its beauty...becoming Zen-like!
This painting, with all the intense greens and cool grays, is accurately recreated your viewing pleasure. Perfect for your office or home. It also makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs something peaceful to enjoy!

Zen Garden

  • - Giclee' Print on 100% Cotton Rag Paper - Limited Edition Run of 200 - Image Size: 14 5/8 x 10 3/8 inches - Hand Signed and Numbered by the artist on the image - Certificate of Authenticity